ON-LINE AND CUSTOMIZED COLOUR SOLUTIONS In addition to over 130 standard on-line shades, Klopman produces a wide range of bespoke colours to meet speci c customer needs. HIGH VISIBILITY Klopman high visibility shades allow protection for workers operating in low-light or potentially hazardous conditions, thanks to the superior luminosity and brightness of the colours. Klopman High Visibility Yellow, Orange and Red are compliant to EN ISO 20471. SUPER COLOURS With our range of Super Colours, critical shades can now be more safely used within a garment, minimising the staining risk where dark and white or light colours are combined. CROSS-DYE COLOURS Klopman has identi ed a trend for softer more subtle colours and has responded with an exciting new line of cross-dyed shades. Offering colour performance in line with solid dyes, these new shades offer exciting design opportunities for a ‘new’ look. PRINTLINE FABRICS Available in three distinct striped designs and a wide range of colours, Klopman Printline can be combined with Klopman plain coloured fabrics to offer a perfect, complimentary, design solution. COLOUR WOVEN A new colour woven service allows Klopman customers the opportunity to develop unique designs. A exible 'design friendly' service using yarn dyed technology offers the ultimate in choice and performance.Whether stripes, checks or denim look fabrics Klopman colour wovens set the standard. DENIM Klopman offers a choice of durable colours for denim fabrics combining look with performance. Klopman’s denim fabrics are also available on request with recycled polyester for a greener choice.