PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS - Autumn/Winter 2021/2022

List of our products can be found on the inside cover page. Communication matters! Dear customers & business friends, Show up in Your market! Discover in our brand-new Autumn/Winter Catalogue 2021/2022 a rich source of promotional products to delight Your customers, to show them Your perfect appreciation or to simply say thank-you. Promotional items enjoy great popularity. Our selection provides You with ideas and inspiration for a successful implementation of haptic advertising. Advertising is a matter of communication! Find here a perfect tool to acquire prospective customers, to refresh customer relations or keep in touch with long term business partners. Enjoy the power of promotion! Have a successful end of this year & even a better 2022! Name Surname, company NEW from 0, 00 217.696 Copper vacuum insulated sport bottle Thor 480 ml. Double-walled stainless steel vacuumconstructionwithcopper insulation,whichallowsbeveragestostaycoldfor48hoursorhotforat least12hours.Theconstructionalsopreventscondensationontheoutsideofthebottle.Screw-onlidwith wood detail. On-trend, durable powder coating.Volume capacity is 480ml. Presented in a nice gift box. Size: ca. 21,2 x Φ 7,3 cm. Quantity from 000 pcs 000 pcs 000 pcs 000 pcs Price/pce € 00,00 00,00 00,00 00,00 Personalisation € 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 02 1934 48