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2 Tehnix PRODUCTION PROGRAM TEHNIX 1. FACTORIES FOR MIXED MUNICIPAL WASTE TREATMENT 2. SORTING PLANTS FOR CLEANING AND BALING OF RAWS FROM WASTE 3. FACILITIES FOR COMPOSTING OF BIODEGRADABLE WASTE 4. RELOADING STATIONS FOR MIXED MUNICIPAL WASTE 5. EQUIPMENT FOR RECOVERY AND REMOVAL OF OLD LANDFILLS 6. DEVICES FOR WASHING AND DESINFECTION OF UTILITY VEHICLES 7. SPECIAL COMMUNAL VEHICLES EKOMUNAL TEHNIX 8. VEHICLE’S UPGRADE – LIFTER, HOOKLOADER 9. PRODUCTION OF PRESS-CONTAINERS AND ROLO CONTAINERS 10. RECYCLING YARDS AND MUNICIPAL CONTAINERS 11. VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL AND SPECIAL BALING PRESSES 12. AUTOMATIC BALING PRESSES PRESSURE CAPACITY OF 30, 60, 90 TONS 13. TEARERS, CONVEYORS, SHREDDERS, PERFORATORS 14. STANDARD SEPARATORS FOR PROCESSING OF OILY WATER 15. BIOROTORS – DEVICES FOR BIOLOGICAL TRATMENT OF WASTE WATER 16. BIOREACTOR PLANTS FOR TREATMENT OF MUNICIPAL WATER 17. MOBILE OIL PUMPS AND CISTERNS AND SPECIAL TANKS 18. ECO EQUIPMENT, STORAGES, EMERGENCY CONTAINERS, METAL CABINETS 19. CONTAINERS PRODUCTION PROGRAM – SCHOOLS, KINDERGARTENS, SETTLEMENTS 20. UNIVERSAL ELEVATOR UDT-500 21. PRESSBOX TERMO 50 / 100 22. SERVICE LIFTING PLATFORMI 23. OTHER SPECIAL PRODUCTS, EQUIPMENT AND PLANTS ON THE REQUEST WE ARE YOUR PARTNER IN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION LET'S GO FURTHER TOGETHER! The company Tehnix is the leading eco-industry in the world. The Tehnix's business goal is to develop and produce the best technol- ogy for achieving sustainable development and circular economy. We have developed and produced more than 300 devices and equipment for environmental protection, for which we have re- ceived hundreds of world awards and medals. We have developed the best MBO-Te waste recycling technology. By applying our tech- nology, municipal waste becomes an economic resource. Through industrial recycling of mixed communal waste we get 8 types of raw materials, produce eco compost and RDF fuel. Together with you we want to develop industrial recycling of municipal waste in your city, municipality or county. This will contribute to stopping cli- mate changes of the planet Earth. The MBO-Te is the technology of the future for achieving circular economy and sustainable devel- opment. Inventor - CEO of the company Tehnix Đuro Horvat 100 AWARDS FOR ACHIEVEMENTS IN ECO TECHNOLOGIES DEVELOPMENT WITH TECHNOLOGIES TEHNIX WE ACHIEVE CIRCULAR ECONOMY Rep. of Croatia award OSCAR for environmental protection in 2004 Zlatna kuna award for the most innovative company in 2004 Innovation awards Brussels 2007 WORLD RECOGNITION OF UNSG BAN KI-MOON President of company honored with Order of Croatian Danica with figure of Nikola Tesla AWARDING OF OSCAR FOR NOMINATION AT THE WORLD COMPETITION "EY ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR" MONACO - MONTE CARLO 2016 AWARDING OF OSCAR TO THE PRESIDENT OF TEHNIX COMPANY, MR. ĐURO HORVAT FOR NOMINATION AT WORLD COMPETITION "EY ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR“ MONACO - MONTE CARLO 7 - 12 JUNE 2016 EY Entrepreneur of the year